Elbow of patient with plaque psoriasis, held up by a hand with nail polish.Back of the head of a patient with a skin condition.Patient with a skin condition looking ahead.Skin condition shown on the shoulder and collarbone of a patient.

At Arcutis, we
champion meaningful innovation within
medical dermatology

For too long, a lack of topical innovation has left patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin waiting for better treatments.

We believe patients deserve better

Arcutis supports innovation that strives to simplify complex disease management and solve the most persistent challenges of treating chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin.

With a deep understanding of what really matters to patients and healthcare professionals, we work to address their urgent, unmet needs through meaningful innovation.

Knee of a patient with plaque psoriasis. Knee partially covered by scaly plaques.
Hand of a patient with skin disease. Fingers covered with dry, peeling skin

A unique medical dermatology platform

At Arcutis, meaningful innovation means focusing on unmet needs in the treatment of immune-mediated skin diseases. With extensive medical dermatology development expertise and a unique dermatology drug development platform, we’re committed to meaningful advances—innovation that solves the most persistent challenges of patients, their families, and the healthcare professionals who care for them.

About Arcutis

Founded in 2016 by a global leadership team with extensive dermatology and commercialization experience—including 50+ FDA-approved products —Arcutis has 8 dermatology clinicians as well as medical dermatology’s foremost topical drug formulator on staff. Learn more about our people, our passion, and our purpose.

Hands holding each other. Back of one hand has thick light plaques indicative of plaque psoriasis.

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The complexities of treating chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin. The need for more innovative treatments. The real, everyday needs of those living with immune-mediated skin conditions.

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Meaningful innovation
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